1. The Internet crushed Microsoft’s dream for the Xbox One

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    July 1, 2013 by Eric


    This is possibly YOUR fault. If you play video games, then you have heard the news Microsoft recently reversed its …
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  2. The Uncertain (and Morally Challenging) Future of Books

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    June 9, 2013 by Eric


    There is something comforting about holding a brand new print book in your hand. Whether it’s hardcover or paperback (I …
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  3. Back in the Saddle Again: An unemployed blogger’s journey from Denver to Cedar Rapids


    April 20, 2013 by Eric


    If someone would have told me two months ago I would be employed and living in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, shortly …
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  4. The ultimate three-piece writer’s toolkit

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    March 25, 2013 by Eric


    Even though I’m struggling to find employment in a post-graduation journalism, editing or writing career, I decided to share my …
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  5. If Iowa is so great, why do we keep defending it?

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    March 15, 2013 by Eric


    I am typing this post from Aurora, Colorado (just south of Denver). I thought this was relevant information as I’m …
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  6. Social Media is Exaggerating Everything

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    February 22, 2013 by Eric


    Just by looking at the above icon you probably thought about checking your Facebook. It doesn’t even say the word …
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  7. Coheed & Cambria, Between the Buried and Me | Concert Recap


    February 14, 2013 by Eric


    I went to see Coheed and Cambria and Between the Buried and Me perform at The Val Air Ballroom in …
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